Gourmet Award

The Gourmet Award was established in 2003 in order to raise the profile of the quality and innovation of Danish dairy products.

The purpose of the Gourmet Award primarily is to further the interest of food sector trends setters in dairy products and to render visible the quality and innovation taking place within dairy production.

Whereas International Dairy Contest is exclusively based on a dairy technical assessment of the products the Gourmet Award has its focus on a consumer oriented assessment of taste, odour and exterior.

The judging panel includes food professionals, e.g. food journalists and chefs.

Gourmetprisen 2023

The Gourmet award 2023 took place in June. First a panel of judges assessed all the products before selecting the finalists and winners in each category. The next day we held a press event where the winners were announced and guests could taste the winning products.

Winners 2023:

Liquid milk products: Ferm - økologisk æblemost med valle fra Naturmælk
Gammeldags kærnet smør med Læsø Sydesalt fra Aabybro Mejeri
Hard cheese:
Kæk fra Mammen Mejerierne
Soft cheese:
Arla Unika Hallands Siren fra Arla Kvibille Mejeri
Ice cream:
Tothavens Lakridspindeis fra Tothavens Gårdmejeri

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More information on the Gourmet Award - contact Pia Damgaard Beck, 8731 2075 / 23486373, pdb@mejeri.dk.



All gourmet products will be exhibited in MCH Messecenter Herning during International Food Contest.

Interested in participating? Contact Ms Pia Damgaard Beck, mobil: +45 2348 6373, e-mail: pdb@mejeri.dk.