What are the benefits from participating in International Food Contest?

International Food Contest is the meeting place the entire food sector. Food products as well as state-of-the-art machine technology for the food sector are exhibited at the exhibition.

All foods are quality assessed based on trade professional criteria. Judges are from the trade itself, professional users or other specialists.

The products registered are grouped in grading classes with similar products.

The judges grade the products, and prizes and medals (diplomas) are awarded to the best products. Symbols of their prize or medals may be used on sales packaging.

All products are displayed in the exhibition hall, and for most part taste samples will be available to the public.

Exhibition highlights

  • Professional pride through assessment, prizes and celebration of winners.
  • Training/dialogue between exhibitors and company staff.
  • Inspiration for quality improvement and development.
  • Presentation of the multitude of products manufactured in the food sector.
  • Increased knowledge of the full product range of the food sector and direct contact with the other professional operators in the sector.
  • Celebration of the best products within each of the participating food categories.
  • Events featuring food.
  • Special events, lectures and presentations.