Gourmet award

The gourmet award does not focus on dairy technical details, but is targeted at chefs and other food and flavour front runners focusing on gastronomical qualities.

The purpose of the Gourmet Award primarily is to further the interest of food sector trends setters in dairy products and to render visible the quality and innovation taking place within dairy production.

The International Dairy Contest is exclusively based on a dairy technical assessment of the products whereas the Gourmet Award has its focus on a consumer oriented assessment of taste, odour and exterior.

The judging panel will include food professionals, e.g. food journalists and chefs.

A special set of rules and guidelines apply for products for the Gourmet Award.

Winners 2019

Category: Butter and blends
Dairy: Lindved Dairy

Category: Liquid milk products and ice-cream
Producer: Den Gamle Foderstof

Category: Soft cheese
Dairy: Tebstrup Goat cheese dairy

Category: Hard cheese
Dairy: Thise Dairy


  • Mette Gassner – chef and owner of the Michelin restaurant "Ti Trin Ned", Fredericia
  • Camilla Bojsen-Møller – cheese communicator and blogger at ostesnak.dk
  • Rasmus Holmgård – dairy communicator for "Ost & ko" and Danish Dairy Board
  • Matilde Engelhardt Blixt - assisting chef at "Alchemist" in Copenhagen.